›The SLOTDOG precision cuts criss-cross slits in your hot dog that expand while cooking. Juices caramelize on the outside creating a delicious crispy texture, while grill smoke and flavour penetrate deeper. The slots grab hold of your condiments with a kung fu grip, so you can enjoy them and not wear them!

›A SLOTDOG hot dog cooks quicker without splitting or bursting the dog. Your hot dog plumps up nicely and kids of all ages love the crocodile scale look.

›A fun twist on an old favourite, and a great conversation piece at any BBQ. ›SLOTDOG comes in Red, Red or Red.

›SLOTDOG is designed and recommended for use with casing-free/skinless hot dogs.

HINT… ›Slightly firm “fridge temperature” hot dogs work best, as over-thawing can make the hot dogs too squishy to slot, and no one likes a smooshed dog!

  • ›SLOTDOG features 420J2 stainless steel Criss-Cross cutting blades.
  • ›SLOTDOG body is constructed from hard wearing ABS plastic.
  • SLOTDOG is ›Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.