PotjieKing™ (POY-KEE-KING) is a closed unit, raised off the ground, the fire and ash are contained and minimal heat is transferred to the ground making it safe to use virtually anywhere! To make life even easier PotjieKing™ comes with a lid clip on the side, keeping the cooking lid off the ground. Also included is your hand tool for opening and closing the doors, lifting your Potjie Pot lid and raking the coals.

PotjieKing™ is incredibly fuel efficient with 1 layer of briquettes lasting 3 – 4 hours! The double door design gives you control over your cooking temperature. PotjieKing™ is most fuel efficient when cooking with both doors closed. Enough air enters the unit through the slots to keep it burning, but should you require more heat just open up the bottom door (leaving the top closed) which creates air flow to your fire thereby heating it up. Alternatively should you wish to allow some of the heat to escape you can open the top door, which acts the same as if you had opened your oven door allowing the heat to escape.

The design of the PotjieKing™ ensures that you have no wind interference; this means that you will have a constant cooking temperature. This has removed the problem of trying to maintain a good cooking temperature

PotjieKing™ works with a size 2 up to a size 6 round bottom Best Duty Potjie Pots (optional), though it is ideally suited for the most popular size 3, it can also be used with most flat bottom pots.

PotjieKing™ includes a removable barbeque grid. The grid can also be used as a cooking platform for a wide variety of cooking utensils such as camping kettles, frying pans, WOKs, and small flat bottom pots.

Product Specifications PotjieKing™ is constructed of 1.2mm 409 and 304 series stainless steel. Even the barbeque grid and briquette grid are stainless steel to offer you an all round hard wearing, durable product. Burns briquettes, wood and charcoal
Product Dimensions
Compact size – 300mm wide x 250mm high (without legs extended) Light weight and Compact 3.5kgs
Includes a PotjieKing Canvas Carry Bag worth $39.00

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