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An exciting adventure awaits you, filled with a realm of endless possibilities for delicious food that will have you coming back for more time and time again. Our proven range of products includes the full range of Bradley Smokers, Bradley Wood and accessories as well as some unique outdoor cooking products from around the world.

Gourmet Food Smoking

Smoking food has been around for hundreds of years and is a popular and cultural way of preparing food in many countries and cultures around the world. Traditionally, many European methods of smoking food involved using alder but oak and beech is used to a lesser extent today. Woods like hickory, mesquite, alder, oak, maple, pecan are more commonly used in the North American tradition of food smoking, in addition to fruit tree woods like apple, cherry and plum. Our Bradley Smoker bisquettes provide you with a simple way to add rich and savoury flavours to your food either on your BBQ grill or using your Bradley Smoker.

Rubs, Cures and Seasonings

Our cures include 4 different flavours from Bradley. These can be used as dry rubs or as a wet solution (Brine). Flavours include Maple, Honey, Sugar and Demerara.
We also have selected the best range of Pinch Spices and Rubs.
Try marinading some salmon next time you cook with our Pure Organic Maple syrup from Canada. It’s 100% pure and comes in 540ml cans. You will be amazed with the subtle taste it brings to the fish.

Cookers, PotjieKing, Potjie Pots & Fuel

We have two unique outside cookers to view.
Nipoori Tandoori cooker is a unique method of cooking Tandoori style food but the unit can also be used as a charcoal BBQ.
Our PotjieKing is a “go anywhere, do anything” camp oven that uses charcoal, briquettes, heat beads or wood. Use it as a camp cooker, BBQ or even a brazier. Built entirely of stainless steel it will last a lifetime.
Our Safari Brand BBQ fuel is of superior quality and comes all the way from Africa. Safari Charcoal & Briquettes are made from “Intruder Bush” which is classified as an environmental menace on the plains of Namibia.
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SLOTDOG – The world famous hot dog scorer finally lands in Australia.

The SLOTDOG precision cuts criss-cross slits in a hot dog that expand while cooking. Juices caramelize on the outside creating a delicious crispy texture, whilst allowing your smoker or grill smoke and flavour to penetrate deeper. The slots grab hold of your condiments with a kung fu grip, so you can enjoy them and not wear them!

Blue Door Designer Series Bradley Smoker Combo

Want the best of both worlds?

This Designer Series Bradley Smoker is packaged with a Cold Smoke Adapter Kit and a box of Mixed Wood to help you kick start your new smoking adventure. Thinking of Smoked Brisket, Ribs & Pulled Pork? Would like to try your hand at Cold Smoking Cheese, Fish and Meats. This Combo pack will allow you to try it all.

Bradley Smoker offers the best home solution in electric food smokers. Easy to use, our ‘Blue Door Designer Series Bradley Smoker Combo’ includes everything you need to get you Hot and Cold Smoking great food.

Blue Door Designer Series Combo Pack includes:

4 Rack Limited Edition Blue Door Designer Series Smoker, Bradley Cold Smoke Adapter Kit and a 120 Variety Pack of wood bisquette’s.


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